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Bonus Bank Holiday Virtual Assembly

What the Ladybird Heard as read by the Sebright Teachers

Neverending story song




Rosie 4s- - It was so cool?

Ella & Liv - Nice to see Mr Lyne!
Please can Mr Hellyer do a video please please!!!!

Tugce 6s - I miss school soo much! Great job with the singing and storytelling! ??

Ilhan3k - The song was amazing and the teacher was super super funny ? thank you so much

Hayley and Poppy - Thank you, what a brilliant Good Friday treat. We loved it! Poppy has started learning the Piano . We miss you all so much.

MOLLY 2cop - Hello all teachers happy Easter

Kaleigh 6s - All of you have lovely singing ?

Charlize 3C - I miss Sebright sooo much! Just when is it safe to go back to school?

Holly 4ba - Hi ?

Selina 5l - Nice to see all the teachers again! :D

Mrs Islam - Hi Tazreen,
We miss you all. Hope you're studying at home and staying safe.

Naomi and Rafael - It was so nice to see the teachers and Ms Cosovic and Ms Borow. I miss Sebright

Rodelyn-5L - Aww mister Clark you look so embarrassed ?

Tazreen 6s - That was so nice to get all the teachers involved ??
Also how is mr Palero ??
Also Hi miss Islam?

Also I miss sebright?

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