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Sebright Update - September 2020


Muntaha 3k - The video was really fun and cool

Sophie 3C - I love school because it's fun and awesome and I was there in the video!?

(っ˘̩v˘̩)っseliNa- - good job at making these videos!
Keep it up :>

Miss Kandi in the School Office - Glad to see the return of another informative yet fun Virtual Assembly. Fabulous.. Mr. Hamlin!!

Kaiya5b - The 1st city year was sooo funny!!!?

Sonia - This is brilliant, thank you! x

Yaseen 1b - I'm so happy to be back at school as it's fun and I love it.....

Tazreen- Old Sebright Student? - Heyyyy, hope ur all doin well! It’s great to see everyone at Sebright having fun and enjoying themselves!! Wish the best for the days to come!!!!!!! #BackToSchool!!?

Louise Erskine-leylas mum 1b - Thank you for the update, glad to see they do have fun at school. Home time updates are bleak!

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