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Virtual Assembly - 17th April 2020


Negev and Luka’s mum - Was that the large hadron collider in the background?

IBRAHIM 6PR AND ABDURAHMAN 1M - I really miss everyone and want to go back to school i hope it opens soon before i go year 7 virtual assemblies are smart and great to keep in touch i wonder when school opens

Ilhan3k - Thank you Mr Hamlin, your assembly’s are the best. Thank you Mrs Maciver for the advice about reading . Thank you chef Say for making the cupcake . I miss you all, from Cool School.

Mr Hamlin - Hey Berkay - the super speedy Times Tables Rockstar!!
I emailed Berra's details over a few times at the end of March to the email address filled out on our form. Miss Maciver also has her details so next time she calls she could also tell you over the phone! Take care!

Ms Chowdhury - Wow! Israel, look how fast you work out the answers and how fast your fingers move on TTRS- no wonder you beat me on the rock slam challenges! I must work quicker!

Charlize 3C - Hi Miss Maciver! I’ve been making books myself, for my friend! :3

Berkay 5P - Hello Mr Hamlin,Berra needs her passwords on ixl,lgfl for busy things and times table rocks stars.

Elektra - I am going to do the recipe tomorrow or today if I have time chef say

Marcelo - Thank you usman and the school for posting the video of us.

musa 4ba - I'm going to do all of this !!!!! :)

usman - This is my favourite so far

Aman - Wow I loved the cupcake I hope I make it

Molly 2cop - I love cupcakes

Liv 1H - Wow Eloisa, amazing model!!

Ruby 3rc - That was amazing I will definitely try the butterfly cakes
I practise as much as I can on times tables rockstars

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