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New Reception Sept 2023

Welcome to Sebright Primary School: Reception 2023

We would like to extend a warm welcome from all the pupils and staff at Sebright Primary School. We are delighted your child will be joining us in September.

We would like to share our transition programme in order to support your child at the start of their learning journey with us.  It is filled with opportunities for you to find out more about life at Sebright and for us to get to know your child, long before their first day.

Throughout the summer term, we have several events for you to join in with:

  • Thursday May 25th at 1.30pm 

    • Reception welcome afternoon for all those families new to the Sebright Community and who don't currently attend Sebright Nursery.

      Please bring your child along to explore the setting and meet the staff and other children.

  • Wednesday 7th June 10am -11.30am

    • Reception “Stay and Play” where your child gets to meet the teaching staff and explore the new learning environment with their parents.  This will be for all children joining in September - those from our Sebright nursery and elsewhere.  There will be a brief introduction from the staff and a chance for you to ask any questions. You will be told about uniform, how to register for extended day care and other areas of starting at Sebright School.

  • Thursday 8th June 

    • Admission Form Day. A day where you can bring in your completed admission form and proofs of identity and also register for breakfast club and extended day care if required.

  • From Monday 3rd July

    • Home visit week. We will visit you at home to find out more about you! We will organise this visit during the Stay and Play.

We encourage you to follow us on Twitter @SebrightPrimary and visit our website to find out more information about us and keep up to date with our latest news and success stories.  In the meantime, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us via email:

Settling in period

Children start school with a range of previous experiences and begin their school career with differing needs and at different stages of development.  We need to ensure all needs are met and that starting school is an enjoyable, secure and positive experience for the children.  Starting school can be an anxious time for both parents and children.  We want to make this process as smooth as possible and quickly establish a close working partnership between home and school.


With that in mind, children start Sebright reception classes gradually across five school days.


All children will start in their new reception classes on Wednesday 6th September from 8.45am, gradually increasing the amount of time spent at school across the week.


Wednesday 6th September: 8.45am - 11.30am

Thursday 7th September: 8.45am - 11.30am

Friday 8th September: 8.45am - 1.00pm (Children will stay for lunch)

Monday 11th September: 8.45am - 1.00pm (Children will stay for lunch)


From Tuesday 12th September - 8.45am - 3.30pm 

(Breakfast Club and Extended Day start for Reception and Nursery children)