Robin Hood And His Merry Hoodies

The Sheriff of Nottingham is trying to collect taxes from the residents of Sherwood Forest, but could help come from an unlikely source?


julia 5s - It was very nice and perfect

Kairo - It was interesting

Hamidah - Amazing, fantastic, superb.

Kai - We had so much fun😇

amanda/ kyles mum in yr 5 sebright - We throughly enjoyed it. Well done to all those staff and children. I still have it on my phone and kyle enjoys remembering and watching it with us. Fantastic work everyone 😃

mubarak - Love the play

Anna - Well done Yr 5. I think that we had all put on a great performance. And the singing was absolutely amazing! I would love to thank the teachers and Mrs Scott but she's gone but she helped me calm my nerves. So thank you Mrs Scott.

kelvin year 5 moussbourne park side year 5 - They are good, their singing is perfect.

Umi 6K - I really enjoyed watching Year 5's performance!

Jayden - Thank you for the play Mr. Lyne aka "Mr. Lion" and Mrs Collins also Mrs Scott. THANK YOU!

chloe - This performance was amazing thank you Ms Collins and Mr Lyne for setting this up.

Lily - Well done

jayden - Best play ever

shannia - This was the best performance of my life. Thanks Mrs Collins and Mr Lyne for that.

Aminah bey - Best performance ever

Aminah bey - I really like it

Isata - I love this performance, I watch it everyday and I was in it too. Whoever put it on the Sebright site thank you because my parents didn't have room to film it all.

. - Great performance

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