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Autumn Term

Welcome to all the new Sebright Nursery Children.

This term, we are going to concentrate on settling in, making friends, becoming independent, learning how to share and being kind and helpful to others. We are going to follow weekly topics based on stories and other relevant topics linked to the time of the year. For example, we have already explored "The Gingerbread Man " story and will soon talk in more depth about the seasons and Autumn in particular.

Intrepid Explorer

As Sebright encourages children to be curious and willing to learn new things by being 'Intrepid Explorers', we are going to learn about our family, our community and the people who are here to help us.

A special Work Week is planned soon so diverse professionals will come to explain their role and job to the children.

We are lucky enough to have a chef coming in and we will be going to Hackney City Farm during October. 

Reading Books

Children are welcome to take a new book home every day. We are asking parents to pick a book in our library corner and record the entry in the yellow folder as well as how your child has enjoyed the story in their individual home reading record book. For any more information please ask in class.


Music makes us happy so we sing a lot in Nursery class. Children are learning to be confident enough to sing in front of the class and we are even learning French and Spanish songs. We have already started with a song about a clown called "J'ai un gros nez rouge" (I have a big red nose) and you can find the link on Youtube

Talking about your day

Ask your child what they did in the day; find out the names of children they have played with and what games they like to play.  It’s a great way for them to revisit their learning – as well as for parents and carers to find out how much they enjoy nursery!

Phonics, Reading and Writing

We are learning how to hold a pencil properly, recognising our name and attempt to write recognisable letters. You can practise at home with your child.

We have also started to look at the phonic sound of letters and will concentrate on the following letters this term:


In Math, we are learning about shapes, describing patterns, recognising and writing numbers, counting accurately and consistently.  We will also touch concepts such as simple additions and subtractions.

If you would like to find out more about our adventures in Nursery Class, please do not hesitate to come and ask.

Other Useful Songs