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Class Teacher

Miss Oliveira (Green/Purple/Yellow classes)

This Week's Topic

Topic: Space

Story: Whatever Next!

Phonics: Letter D

Welcome to our Nursery page!

Hope you enjoy it and love finding out what we have been up to in school.

Important Information

Books to read at home are changed every week. Your child’s day should be written in your Reading recording books.

A plastic water bottle and a spare change of clothes,

Autumn Term

Autumn in Nursery is all about getting used to your new environment, to know each other, our new classroom and our new playground, so that we can feel confident to make friends and have a go at different activities!

We do a lot of listening and talking in class, so we can learn new words, express our own ideas and talk to each other.

Our Topic and Events

Our topic is ‘Intrepid Explorers’ where we talk about ourselves and families and learn about the people in our class and community. We will be using our senses; investigating and exploring the change in the season and our immediate environment. At present, trips will not be organised until further notice, while the children are still getting used to their new environment. However, we look forward to exploring our community through adventure walks such as nature walks and canal walks in the future. If you would like to join us on future trips, please let us know, as we would love to have you with us!

How to help at home

Talking – we will always have lots to talk about at the end of our school day, but we know that often children can answer with ‘can’t remember’ … to help prompt conversation you can always ask them who they played with, what toys were on the carpet or what story we listened to.

Early nights – we love to play, run outside and move our bodies so we are doing and learning a lot during the day at school! Remember early nights make happy learners

Bed time story every night – we want the children to love stories and reading as much as we do and we have a huge book collection, so please do ask if you would like to borrow more!

Independence – We will nurture children’s independence in dressing, putting their coat on, choosing activities and tidying up.  You can support at home by encouraging them to get dressed and zip up coats independently every day.

Counting - anything and everything! Raisins in the cereal, steps to the bus stop, stairs up to bed, claps, jumps. Also, numbers are everywhere! Your front door, the bus, number plates, birthday’s.

We love to hear about how your child is doing at home, so please talk to us in the morning or at the end of the day, if you have anything to share.

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