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Spring Term

All the children in Nursery were very happy to be back at school after the Christmas break.

They were very excited to tell us about the wonderful time they had at home with their family and for some, the lovely present they got from Santa.
Since our return, we have focussed on the topic of Transport. We sorted the different types of transport in 3 categories: air transport, water transport and land transport.

We also particularly concentrated on London Public Transport and talked about Buses and the Underground. We have turned the home corner into a train station ticket office and the book corner into a Bus. Children are having so much fun role-playing there. They loved reading “The Naughty Bus” story and were shown how to speak in full sentences using the strategy of colourful semantics.

Children have also revised the letter sounds we have looked at so far (S, A, T, I, P, N, C, K, E, H, R, M). We are now looking at the letter D for Dinosaur, which is our new topic. We are learning the tricky dinosaur names and try to describe them.

We read 3 super cool stories called  “Dinosaur Zoom”, “Dinosaur Rescue” and “Dinosaur Dig” from the same author and we discussed each one as well as comparing them.

The other topic we looked at was Birds as we read the story “Shhh! We have a plan” and “Owl Babies”.

We are also continuing to learn to recognise numbers and practice our counting skills on a regular basis.
In Nursery we love singing and dancing every time we can. We learn French and Spanish songs and discover about music from around the world as well as playing instruments.

One other important thing, a few new friends have joined us and we are all learning to be kind and make them feel welcome.

Phonics, Reading and Writing

We are learning how to hold a pencil properly, recognising our name and attempt to write recognisable letters. You can practise at home with your child.

We have also started to look at the phonic sound of letters and will concentrate on the following letters this term:


In Math, we are learning about shapes, describing patterns, recognising and writing numbers, counting accurately and consistently.  We will also touch concepts such as simple additions and subtractions.

If you would like to find out more about our adventures in Nursery Class, please do not hesitate to come and ask.

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