Nursery - Halloween, Fireworks and the Welcome Story

After half term, Nursery class celebrated Halloween and made little pumpkin pictures. We also took pictures of us looking like scary monsters. We had a lot of fun singing Halloween number songs and learning our Halloween phonics.

Then we talked about Bonfire Night and made our own London Firework display pictures with glitters. We discussed who Guy Fawkes was and why he was arrested.

Last week, we celebrated our differences by studying the "Welcome" story by Barroux. It's the story of three bears drifting through the ocean on a piece of ice and hoping to find a new home. Unfortunately, not everyone is as welcoming as the bears.  We talked about being children: our similarities and differences, and how  very special we are. We took close range pictures of our eyes and played a game where children had to guess who's eyes they were looking at.

We also briefly talked about Remembrance Day and explained why people wear poppies on their clothes at this time of year.


Daubeney Yasemin 5mc - You guys must of had lot of fun doing those activities! They are so CUTE!🤩

Emirhan - Wow that's fun

Daubeny student Ayman3p - I like halloween

Beren - Did you enjoy Halloween
Happy Halloween sebright

Deren - nursery - I realy like the Halloween stuff but i missed it

simisola - You guys really like Halloween.

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