Year 5

Class Teachers

5P - Mr Palero
5L - Mr Lyne

PE - Friday, double session

Book Bags can be changed by children as they require. It is an expectation that all children read at home as often as possible, and that their reading journals are up to date.

Swimming lessons are on Wednesday morning.

All children are expected to take part and to remember to bring in their swimming costume, hat and towel. They can also bring in goggles and flip-flops if they wish to.

What We Are Learning


Narratives with a focus on stories from other cultures North America pamphlets, comic strips.


Place value, whole numbers, rounding, estimating, the four operations.


Living things and their habitats (caterpillar observation).


Christianity (the life of Jesus).


People, culture, traditions and climate of North America.


Communication and presentation skills.



Autumn - Week 12: Long e sound spelt ei after c

  • deceive
  • conceive
  • receive
  • perceive
  • ceiling
  • conceit
  • deceit
  • receipt

Well done to Murat, Beren, Ethan, Yusraa, Zishaan, Mohamed, Kean, Jarvis, Ephraim, Sine, Wellington, Abdullah, Simisola and Olivia for a perfect score!

Autumn - Week 11: Exception: words with the long e sound spelt ei which do not follow

  • protein
  • caffeine
  • seize
  • beige
  • being
  • either
  • freight
  • leisure
  • neither
  • surveillance

Well done to Ibrahim, Eliana, Claire, Amelia, Sumeya, Tunjida, Esen, Aaliyah, Justin, Elliot, Riona, Ozge and Jayden 5P. Also, Tugce, Imani, Tazreen, Alieu, Shihaab, Estevao, Jahmai, Daniyal and Talia in 5L got a perfect spelling test. What a week!

Autumn - Week 10: Use of the Hyphen

  • co-ordinate
  • re-enter
  • co-operate
  • co-own
  • self-service
  • twenty-first
  • two-thirds
  • self-esteem
  • self-respect
  • easy-going

Congrats to Ozge, Amina, Ibrahim, Farhan, Leslie, Leslie, Jayden, Tunjida, Justin, Aaliyah, Esen, Sumeya and Elliot for getting a perfect score on this test!

Autumn - Week 9: Adding Suffixes Beginning With Vowel Letters to Words Ending In –fer

  •  referring
  • referred
  • preferring
  • preferred
  • transferring
  • transferred
  • reference
  • referee
  • preference
  • transference

Congrats to Ezel, Samuel, Emmanuel, Estevao, Ivy, Justin, Tunjida, Esen, Amelia and Amina, who are spelling masters and got a perfect spelling test!

Autumn - Week 8: Words Ending In –able and –ible 

  • dependable
  • comfortable
  • reasonable
  • enjoyable
  • reliable
  • possible
  • horrible
  • terrible
  • visible
  • incredible

Autumn - Week 7: Words Ending In –able and –ible 

  • adorable
  • adoration
  • applicable
  • application
  • considerable
  • tolerable
  • changeable
  • noticeable
  • forcible
  • legible

Autumn - Week 6: Words Ending In: ant, ance/-ancy, ent, ence/-ency

Big shout out to Bethany, Riona, Amina, Beyza, Aliye Mina, Claire, Elliot, Sumeya, Esen, Tunjida, Aaliyah, Jayden, Megan, Amelia and Kayleigh in 5P, who got a perfect spelling test. Also congrats to Ivy, Shihaab, Ezel, Alieu, Tugce, Jahmai, Emmanuel, Samuel, Daniyal, Jordan, Imani and Jaqueline in 5L. What a week!

  • assistant
  • assistance
  • obedient
  • obedience
  • independent
  • independence
  • persist
  • persistence
  • insistent
  • insistency

Autumn - Week 5: Words Ending In: ant, ance/-ancy, ent, ence/-ency

  • agency
  • innocent
  • innocence
  • decent
  • decency
  • frequent
  • frequency
  • confident
  • confidence
  • confidential 

Autumn - Week 4: Words Ending In ? ant, -ance/-ancy

  • observant
  • observance
  • observation
  • expectant
  • expectation
  • hesitant
  • hesitancy
  • tolerant
  • tolerance
  • substance

Autumn - Week 3: Endings Which Wound Like ‘shul’ Spelt –cial and –tial

  • official
  • special
  • artificial
  • partial
  • confidential
  • essential
  • initial
  • financial
  • commercial
  • provincial

Autumn - Week 2

  • vicious
  • precious
  • conscious
  • delicious
  • malicious
  • suspicious
  • ambitious
  • cautious
  • fictitious
  • infectious

Yearly Overview

Our curriculum overviews gives you an idea of which topic your child will be studying at which point during the school year.







Leonardo da Vinci

Margaret Hamilton

Matis People


Michael Faraday - British Scientist



Sir David Attenborough

Sports People

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