5S - Perspective Drawing

5S learnt how to sketch using perspective. We made some fantastic art work using a vanishing point to help us scale our picture and make it look more realistic. We used water colours, pastels and crayons to make our outside scene come to life. Hopefully we can use these skills later in life; lots of architectures, engineers, artists and designers use perspective at work.


Kathy - Oooh they look really good!

Tahiyah - It was really fun doing these perspective drawings

Jio 5S - We used colours and pencils to make a realistic perspective of a fading picture,where closer objects are big and when further objects are smaller.

Julia 5s - It was very fun because I could draw and paint with my peers and drawing is my talent so I'm happy that I could do it with every one

Daniel .M 5IR - I think it was relaxing .However,everyone was trying their best

Sarah5S? - It was really fun making the perspective drawings,l also made another one at home!

Tahiyah - It was really fun when we did these perspective drawings

Maimunah - Wow what kinds of drawings did you do
They do look cool

Gradie 5IR - Good job 5S.

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