Year 6

While we are learning remotely, you can access all school work for your year group and interact with your teachers via Please watch these videos to help you with Google Classrooms and if you have any remaining questions then email

Time to Talk

Sebright Wellbeing team are here to listen!

"Everyone is so busy. I’m finding things difficult."

"I am a bit sad and I’m not sure why?!"

If you fill out the form we will call you back for a chat! Check your Google Classroom for more information.

Call me back...

Class teachers: Mr Power (6P) and Ms Say (6S)

PE days

Monday and Friday

Reading Records

Bring them in to school every day and write a comment in there at least every week. Link your comment to the reading skill of the week.


Due every Thursday with reading record comments. We will upload an electronic copy to Google Classroom too.


This is the Year 5 and 6 spelling list. Please practise these spellings by writing sentences using these words.