Jamie Knight Freestyle Footballer Visits Sebright

To reward the Year 6’s for their great behaviour, completed homework tasks and all round fantastic efforts last half term we had the privilege of being visited by Jamie Knight (one of the worlds best and most experienced Professional Football Freestylers). He gave expert one-to-one tuition to us all, teaching us 10 football tricks. On top of this, he astonished and impressed us with his own freestyle tricks as well as answering our questions about his profession. It was great fun and everyone learnt a lot, including some great new skills!


Rielle - I hope kamal was here

Melis - So cool

Hamidah - that looks awesome

Mya 5IR - Wish I got to meet him all of that was awesome!!!!!!!!!

Rielle - This was actually really fun and I did the push up challenge!

Eva 6p - It was soooo fun for him to come and teach us some tricks!!!!!! : ]

Hamide 6k - It was fun

Isata - Wow, amazing effort everyone! :)

Naomi-6k - I loved it. It was so amazing, hope he comes back.

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