Class Teachers

Ms Laurion Burrow (Blue Class)
Ms Jane Owusu (Red Class)

Thank you!

Reception had a fantastic first term! Thank you parents and carers for your continued support, we look forward to another great term ahead!

Important Information

Bring Book Bags in: EVERY DAY

Home Readers go home:

  • Blue team - Monday
  • Red team - Tuesday
  • Green team - Wednesday
  • Yellow team - Thursday

We would love to know if your child has particularly enjoyed something about a story or any feedback, so please write messages in the comments box or just tick when read.

*PE kit (team colour t-shirt, tracksuit bottoms/leggings/shorts, socks, plimsols or trainers) - Tuesday

Dates for your diary

29/01 09:00 Blue Class Trip to Shoreditch Fire Station

30/01 09:00 Red Class Trip to Shoreditch Fire Station

13/02 09:00 Reception Trip to Buddhist Centre

09/03 11:00 Parents Day - School Closed for Children

24/03 - 26/03 Space Art Exhibition

27/03 Red Class Assembly

30/03 09:00 Reception Trip to Discover Centre

03/04 Blue Class Assembly

Spring Term

This half term we will be continuing to reinforce classroom routines and expectations of learning and behaviour. Your child will take part in daily focus activities for literacy, maths and topic.

We will continue to focus on speaking and listening, and learning how to ask questions, add details and comments and how to respond appropriately to these. We will also be encouraging children to use ‘big’ voices and full sentences, so that they can be heard and become confident speakers.

Our aim is to help children become independent in areas such as eating (cutting food, trying new things and eating with cutlery), changing (coats, buttons, zips, PE kit) and asking for help when they need it. We know how tempting it can be to put on a child’s coat for them, or to help them get changed as we are in a hurry but if possible, please allow a little extra time to help your child use these skills at home too.

Curriculum Map - Spring 2020

Our Topic and Events

During Spring term we will be learning about Superhero’s! Both fictional and real-life ones (who don’t always wear capes!) We will be thinking and talking about what makes people really super and how we can be super in all we do.

We are also excited for Spring 2 where we will be learning about Space! We will be learning about the planets, and looking at similarities and differences between them, and we will be thinking about what life beyond Earth might be like. We can’t wait to start imagining, designing and creating our own creatures from out of Space, who may appear in our end of term super-sonic-Space show!


Reception are fast becoming super counters, we will use our knowledge of number to add two groups of objects and find the total. We will be recalling numbers that are 1 more or 1 less than a given amount, as well as counting from a non-0 starting point. We will also be learning that when you take away, you get less and that this is called subtracting. We will learn how to share objects equally between 2, and then 4 … making sure our sharing is fair every time!

In order to develop our counting skills, as well our awareness of the world around us, we will be using everyday language to talk about money, and we will be counting pennies.

Phonics, Reading and Writing

Stories will remain a highlight of our days, and we will be describing characters and events, as well as creating new characters and thinking of what makes these tales so exciting to listen to.
We are becoming confident with the sounds in words, and we will now start learning the letter names. A big focus will be on learning high frequency words; words that are not phonetic or are used often. This will help us to start reading simple sentences all by ourselves!

As we learn the high frequency words, we will be putting our fine motor skills to the test and using these tricky words in our writing, as we start to write simple sentences.


Physical Education gives the children the opportunity to develop their skills of co-ordination, control, manipulation and movement. This term we practice and increase the control we have in using pencils, scissors, glue sticks and paint brushes. During our P.E. sessions on Tuesday, Mr Keith will help us develop our gross motor skills. We will be learning to negotiate space safely, as well as using equipment to learn balancing and climbing skills.

How to help at home

Talking – we will always have lots to talk about at the end of our school day, but we know that often children can answer with ‘can’t remember’ … to help prompt conversation you can always ask them who they played with, what toys were on the carpet or what story we listened to.

Fine Motor skill development – playdough, cutting, buttons and zips all really help with this … once our fingers are strong we can start writing!

Early nights – we love to play, run outside and move our bodies so we are doing and learning a lot during the day at school!

Bed time story every night – we want your children to love stories and reading as much as we do and we have a huge book collection, so please do ask if you would like to borrow more!

Praise for independence – in Reception we will nurture children’s independence in dressing, putting shoes on and choosing activities.  You can support at home by encouraging them to get dressed and zip up coats independently every morning.

Observing numbers … everywhere! Your front door, the bus, number plates, birthday’s.

Counting … everything! Raisins into cereal, steps to the bus stop, stairs up to bed, claps, jumps.

Labels – we find post-it notes are popular as any kind of drawing or writing is great experience and if praised, will boost confidence to try writing.



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