Class Teachers

Mr Gary Hellyer (Blue Class)
Ms Jane Owusu (Red Class)

Important Information

Curriculum Map - Summer 1 2019

Curriculum Map - Spring 2019

Bring Book Bags in: Monday & Thursday

Book Bags & Home Readers go home: Tuesday & Friday

Please return the library books in book bags on Monday and Thursday so we can swap them. We would love to know if your child has particularly enjoyed something about a story or any feedback, so please write messages in the comments box or just tick when read into the blue Reading Record book.

PE kit: Wednesday (please make sure it is named)

Things to pack:

A named plastic water bottle – just water please! We have milk at playtime, so squash and juice is not allowed.

Things not to pack:

Toys or things from home – they get broken and/or lost!

Sweets or snacks – we have fruit, milk and water breaks every day. We will also let you know if your child did not eat well in the day and we have copies of the menu.

How to help at home:

Talking – we will always have lots to talk about at the end of our school day, but we know that often children can answer with ‘can’t remember’ … to help prompt conversation you can always ask them who they played with, what toys were on the carpet or what story we listened to.

Early nights – we love to play, run outside and move our bodies so we are doing and learning a lot during the day at school!

Bed time story every night – we want your children to love stories and reading as much as we do and we have a huge book collection, so please do ask if you would like to borrow more!

Praise for independence – in Reception we will nurture children’s independence in dressing, putting shoes on and choosing activities.  You can support at home by encouraging them to get dressed and zip up coats independently every morning.

Observing numbers … everywhere! Your front door, the bus, number plates, birthday’s.

Counting … everything! Raisins into cereal, steps to the bus stop, stairs up to bed, claps, jumps.

Labels – we find post-it notes are popular as any kind of drawing or writing is great experience and if praised, will boost confidence to try writing.

We love to hear about how your child is doing at home, so please stop and talk to us in the morning if you have any stories to share.


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