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Mental Health Team - Thank You to the Sebright Staff

The Mental Health Team are inviting you to say thank you to the staff at Sebright for all of their hard work.


Crystal - Thanks miss coppen

Molly 3k - Thank you all teachers for working hard

Naomi 3C - You work hard every day we all shout hooray. You are ready every day and we all say THANK YOU! You should be proud!

chloe - Thank you Mr Keeth for being the best PE teacher and for always making me laugh you are the best and definitely worth thanking

Ms Corpe - A big thank you to our mental health team for all their hard work to make the Thank You cards happen. I received some lovely comments that made me feel really happy and welcomed at Sebright.

Ayesha 6P - Thank you to all the teachers and staff for their hard work?

Bahsan 2c - Thank you Miss Chowdhury

mustafa - Thank you miss maciver

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