Reception Home Learning - Greetings from Ms Burrow & Ms Owusu


julius - I cannot log in to ixl my login details are not going through

Seren ❤ Vidal (Blue class) - Hi Ms Burrow! How's your baby?

Satori: Do you have any ideas of what we're going to do soon after covid 19?

Yaseen - I miss you so much everyone.😎🤗🐆. Hope you are all well and keeping safe. :)

mariya blue class - Hi Miss Burrow I am missing you

Luka (blue class) - I hope I see you soon. What do you have in your house? (please can you answer that question)

Ishan - Hello Miss Owusu and Miss Burrow. Thank you for your lovely messages. I miss you and everyone in red and blue class. I can’t wait to get back to school. From Ishan.

Alfie (red class) - I miss being at school and I really want to go back and learn more and more, but at Home School we do loads of cool things. Hello red class and blue class, hello Miss Owusu and Miss Burrow. Love from Alfie.

Sara U and Busra :) - Hello Miss Owusu and Miss Burrow it is very nice to see you both. Sara says she really misses school and her friends, lots of cuddles from Sara U

Rafael - Hello Mrs Borrow, nice to see you

Adam blue class - Aww ms Burrow! I dearly miss you and all my friends at school! I have been doing loads of things at home but still I miss being at school. Can’t wait to get back!

Ilhan3k - Thank you Mrs Burrow and Mrs owuss I will Miss you all bye and our home school is called cool school

Tabari - I liked everything in that video, thank you ms burrow and ms owusu i miss you and all reception, from tabari

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