Year 6 - Body Worlds

On Wednesday (7th November 2018), Year 6 visited the brand new Body Worlds exhibition in central London. Body Worlds is an exhibition with real skeletons, hearts, brains, lungs, other organs as well as showing the nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system and circulatory system. The displays are made of real human bodies, which were donated by the person before they passed away.

At the start of the exhibition, everyone was given headphones to listen to information on a special device, a little bit like an iPhone. It takes up to an incredible 1500 hours for the scientists to complete a single human body for the exhibit. The same has been done for animals and elephants take up to 3 years to be completed.

It was a amazing and inspirational to visit this exhibition and showed us things we would never have seen otherwise. Also, hearing all the information on the audio devices taught us so much about the human body and how it works. We loved it!

- Tahiyah and Esther


Gradie 6S - Body Worlds was so inspirational and I'll love to go again to learn more things. We were even able to go on swings to see if it would make us happy, record our blood pressure (which was a bit painful) AND do CPR on a dummy! If you haven't been to Body Worlds GO NOW.

Selim - It was so amazing I had a lot of fun and it helped me on my learning . It would be great if we went there again because I would like to learn more. One thing I learned was that our nerve system went 250 miles per hour.

Selim - Good

keisi 6p - It was sooooo fun but gross


Julia - IT WAS SOOOO FUN WE FOUND OUT SOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY FACTS(fun fact=) when u stretch out your legs and arms it pulls your mussels

Jeb 6p - This trip was really fun and inspiring!

Aminah bey - It was so much fun and I would like to go again

Elijah.P - This trip was amazing because i was able to learn about the human anatomy and learn how we are able to stay alive. On the negative side it was pretty gross with the real human body but other than that I enjoyed and it really helped with my learning.

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