Year 6 - Bing Bong Bowling

Year 6 went to an AMAZING bowling trip on Wednesday 13th December, as a reward for their behaviour, learning and homework in the lead up to SATs. Hafsa had the highest girls score of 124 and the highest boy was Kevin, who had 115. Shawniya exclaimed: “I didn’t like it… I LOVED IT!” Even the teachers (Mr Power, Miss DaCosta, Mr Keen, Miss Carames, Miss Hafsa and Miss Palas) were able to play and they really enjoyed it too. When it was time to leave everyone was really disappointed because of how much fun it had been!


Gradie 6S - You guys are so lucky. I can't wait to do these kind of things when am properly in year 6.

Aleyna from daubeney primary school - I went bowling and it was fun

Baris - This trip was the best

Hamide-6k - THANK YOU

Naomi - I love bowling.......... it's the best trip ever

Megi - It was my first time bowling and I didn't like it......................I LOVED IT IT WAS SOOO COOL DEFINITELY A SUCESS AND I WILL OBVIOUSLY BE GOING AGAIN ????

hafsa - Even though it was my first time going bowling I beat my whole year group

Nabila - This was great I loved it

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