Year 6 - Emirates Stadium Trip

It was Year 6’s reward trip to Emirates Stadium, the home of Arsenal FC. Students enjoyed a tour of the ground, changing rooms and the manager’s office, and finally sat pitch-side.


Mya 6s - This reward trip was just amazing and I loved sitting on the most expensive seats where there is a TV and it is £32000 for a season in this comfortable seats!!!!! I absolutely loved this amazing trip and it was a great experience!!!!!

Jeb6p - This trip was fun but I still have to admit that Man U is a better team. Glory Glory Manchester United!

Kairo 6k 2018 - So lucky wish we could do that

Gradie 6S - Going on this trip was so much fun. The seats at the top were SO comfortable and the home changing room was... was... indescribable! I had an epic experience and want to say a huge thank you to all the all the amazing teachers that organised and/or came with us.😀

Estevao - Wow... you guys went all the way to the Arsenal stadium just great....

bugra - Looks like fun year 6 wish I could go

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