Year 6 - Kew Gardens

Year 6 went to Kew gardens last week and we thoroughly enjoyed our time. We have been learning about classifying different organisms, so it was really great to see so many different species of plants. We looked round the different areas of Kew gardens spotting and naming different plants (and wildlife along the way). Our favourite part was the new Hive. You could listen to a recording about bees through a wooden stick in your mouth- CRAZY. The Hive told us all about how important bees are for our environment and how to look after them. We can’t wait to go back to Kew gardens and see more.


Emirhan - So fun!!!!

Jeb 6p - This was epic!!!!

Dilara - I loved Kew gardens especially the tall bridge. It was kind of scary.

Mya 6S - It was epic!!!! I also agree with Gradie in 6S.😀😕

Nadal former sebright student - Looks like you had fun

Pawel 7MAS - I thought thats residential

Gradie 6S - Kew gardens had a range of fun activities. I just wish I could go on more of them. 😟

Daniel m - So fun!!!!!

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