Year 6 Show 2016 - Macbeth

Watch Year 6's performance of this Shakespearean classic...


Kawsar - Wow, towards the end of Year 10 now!!
How time goes so quick.
We're all doing GSCE next year!! Hope we all do good!!

Najet - I’m in year 9, now that I look back I realise that I really miss Sebright. Honestly I wish I could go back and experience it again!

Almerah - Yr 9 now and looking back😂😢

Kawsar - WOW going to year 9 now, we were all so small back then, we have changed so much over the years wish you all the best off luck.

Tabassum :) - We’re all going into Year 9 now and I’m so proud of all of you. This was the best Year 6 play ever and I will never forget the fun we had together as a year group. I wish you all the best in the future and I will always remember you guys. Love you all!!!💞

Tabassum :) - Two years later and I'm still crying over the fact that I've left Sebright. my amazing friends, the teachers, the fun City Years, and all my classmates. This brings back so many memories and Sebright will always be a part of my life!

Almerah - I'm watching this 2 years later 2018 and I just want to laugh and cry. I miss everyone hope you guys are well. I'm so upset I left all my friends in Sebright and wish I could stay there forever and come there everyday with all my beautiful friends and lovely classmates.

Khayer - Woow Me, Damon, Samuel,Orgito and Basheer Watching This Back At The Last Term Of Year7. Shows How Much You Can Change In A Year.

Sheynaz - This was so fun and I am proud of all the effort we put into this play. I miss Sebright a lot and hope to see you guys again.

Yushanna - I loved the play, everyone did well. But I still miss Sebright a lot, miss you guys. Bye!

Kairo - I liked it. I will give it 10 out of 10!

zoe - I liked how we all did our best we also had fun performing. Well done!!!! :)

Shawniya - Byeeee, hope to see you again.

Kawsar.A - I'm going to miss Sebright so much and I will never forget u guys. Wish me good luck in secondary school!!! Bye!!

kushi - Watching the play now makes me so upset but happy at the same time. It was great fun doing the play but it was depressing to see YR6 going away. It was so much fun watching the play be born and performing it was so much fun. It was tiring and boring sometimes but it was worth it. Hope to see you soon everyone!!!!!

Emily - You were brilliant!!! It was funny!

Merveille - OMG I love how the play turned out! I love how we kept the storyline but still made it funny and entertaining and also understandable for the younger ones. I think that this was one of the best plays ever in Sebright history! (and I'm not just saying that because I was in it...maybe a little lol) I wish good luck to everyone who is moving to year 7 and say that the children who are staying in Sebright are the lucky ones! So don't take this amazing school for granted and try your best in all areas of learning. Peace out Sebright, I will never forget you guys!!!!!!

Aminah - I really enjoyed your performance Year 6 and I will miss you so much.

arifa - That was fun!!!!!! The best play ever!

Almerah - It was fun doing the play and I'm gonna miss everyone

Baris - Watching the play makes me depressed but ephoric at the same time.It was great fun doing the play but it was depressing to see YR6 go away and turn into dust😰😰😰😰Hope u guys will be recognised for ur talent if u are going to YR7.I would especially like to say well done to Lady Macbeth and King Macbeth for giving them ur up-most best for the audience to watch and not giving an ennui spirt to the audience.Thank u guys for everything that u have given to me as a person

Rielle - Hope the future is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE

Isabela - I will miss all of you, it won't be the same without you.

Nancy - It was so much fun doing the play. Well done everybody!!!!!

shannia - Well done

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