Year 6 - The Big Draw - Summer 2020

We studied an artist called Ben Giles who uses photography and collage to create his artwork. He is inspired by nature and uses lots of butterflies, fish, flowers and plants, which look like they are flowing from one thing to another. We created our vision of his pieces. Check them out; they are fantastic!!


Lauran 6s - I’m so proud of you guys can’t wait to see you guys today❤️❤️

Tazreen 6s - My class, you make me proud! 🤗❤️♥️👏😁
I miss you all sooo much cant wait to see each other at graduation!!
Also happy birthday Keysha! 🎓🎂🎉♥️❤️

Eliana6PR - Jamai yours is truly amazing you'd be making millions if you were an Artist!🖌🎨

S e l I n a - Amazing work!

EZEL 6S - I understand but they are all great, well done.

Jahmai - Thanks Ezel but it took so long to create all the stuff, think where to put them down and glue them down. Basically, It was long.

EZEL 6S - Great job everyone!
I am really proud of you guys, they are all incredible and really wonderful.

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