Year 6 Workshop with the Ben Kinsella Trust

Year 6 visited the Ben Kinsella Trust workshop hosted at Finsbury Library. The workshop gave moving insights into the story of Ben and how his tragic story can help to save young people’s lives today.

The children learned how to keep themselves safe and how to make good choices. They learnt the importance of standing up for the right thing and being responsible for their actions. Finally, we learnt about joint enterprise and the reality of prison life.

The whole exhibition was set up in memory of Ben Kinsella to educate youth in London of the dangers of knife crime in London. The children took so much from visiting the exhibition and we are very grateful for the opportunity.


Tiyler - It was great

Mark 6P - It was a good trip! Really emotional too

Aliya - That was a great trip and I learned a lot

julia szulc 5S - This looks interesting

Hamide-6k - I really enjoyed it and felt sad for Ben Kinsella. Thanks to Mr Keen and Mr Power

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