Year 6 - Science: Circulatory System

In this lesson we produced 3D models of the circulatory system. We used our knowledge and understanding of the main parts and functions of the circulatory system to make and present our models. We needed to make sure that we used scientific language, explained the functions thoroughly and made it look eye-catching and realistic. We had so much fun making these because we could make veins out of tissue paper and lungs out of bubble wrap.


Emirhan - I want to do this again because I learnt a lot of things in body world

Aminah - It was a really fun lesson and I would like to finish off my design,
thanks miss say

Jeb 6P - Learning about the circulatory system was very hard! However, it was really fun!

Gradie 6S - The circulatory system was fun to learn about -especially because when I grow up I want to become a doctor. Well done everyone!😀

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