Year 6 - Science: Heart and Circulatory System

We have been learning about the heart and circulatory system in Science so what better way to get to grips with this topic than giving every pupil the opportunity to dissect a lambs heart? It was such a unique experience for everyone and helped us to better understand how the heart is a muscle that pumps blood to the lungs and around the body.

We learnt about the four chambers of the heart, the aorta, ventricles and valves as well.

What was really interesting was comparing the left and right side of the heart the difference in thickness of the heart walls.

Not for the squeamish, especially on Halloween!


Dilara year7 - I wish we could've done that.

Nicquaine - 6S - I loved it because we were able to explore and dissect a lamb's heart.

Imani 6s - It was hilarious

Sumeya - That was kinda disgusting but I liked how I cut it up into pieces

Mela 6s - It was fun but very weird I never thought in my life that I would cut a lambs heart but it was fun exploring it was a bit smelly and I was scared at first but we got through it😂😂

Tugce 6s - That was super fun although I was a bit scared at first but I enjoyed it so much!!! 😁🙂😋😝

Beyza - It was so fun to discover the heart! I really am grateful to actually dissect a heart!

Berkay-5p - Well, that looks super scary I would never want to ever do that.

Gradie Yr 7 - That looks like so much fun!!!!!😀 I wish we did that

Kathy Yr7 - I wish I was able to dissect so soon, you're really lucky in my opinion.

amina - That was scary but fun!

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