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Year 6 - Science Week

Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed Science Week so far. We have extracted DNA from a banana, learnt about influential scientists and discovered how states of matter move and transform. WE LOVE SCIENCE WEEK.


william lc - This was cool

Dilara 6P - When I tasted the dry ice my tongue felt weird but the rest of the workshop was amazing!!!!!!!

Hamide - Looks fun a lot of smiles on faces

Science Ambassador Elijah.P - It was Miss Stabana's idea and the experiments were amazing! 10/10! Be ready for more interesting science experiments in the future.

Julia 6P - It was sooo fun the dry ice gas was soooo disgusting the man was sooooooooooooo nice and very good a science. Thank you Sebright for having this science man (for science), the banana experiment was fun!!! It was sooo fascinating when we saw the dna came out of the banana!!!!! Fact: 50% of bananas have the same dna as us!!!!!!!!!!!!👌👌👌👌😁😁😁😁

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