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Year 6 - The London Dungeon

The Year 6 children went on an amazing, scary, funny and incredible trip to the London Dungeon this week.

One of our pupils (Anna) wrote a summary of the main events:

We took a bus to Tower Bridge and saw the London Eye. We waited outside a while but eventually we made it in. The people were immediately scary and so were the toilets! We learnt about the Great Fire of London and about how people were tortured! Jack the Ripper was especially scary as he got really close up to us. After we went on a boat ride, which was dark and wet. The running scenes were so scary that we ran the other way when our tour guide scared us. The feelings were so intense that we got shivers when people behind us touched us. The last ride, Drop Dead, was probably the scariest part of all, as we were dropped further down into the ground, then swooped back up. Unfortunately the cameras had caught our silly/funny expressions during the ride! At the end of everything we got tokens to get ourselves free drinks or slush. People with money bought Bean Boozled sweets, key-rings and candy at the gift shop. Then, after we had eaten our lunch and chased away the birds, we got to play in the park beside where we ate. It was fun and we loved every minute. On the way back home Mr Keen ate some really nasty jelly beans and we challenged each other to eat the horrible sweets on the bus. The trip was amazing and the dedication, hard work and special effects of the people there, made everything so real.


karla 6p - It was cool and fun

farhan 5p - How scary was it?

yandra 6p - Also the boat was a bit bad

Emily - Jack the ripper was soooo scary but he looked like a magician

yandra 6p - It was so scary!!!

Shannia 6p - It was so lovely. I loved it. It was fun and exiting and I screamed lol 😂😂😂

Hafsa - I wish I went there.

lauran 3c - Was it super good?

Kairo - Looks cool. How was it?

Isabela 5IR - Was it fun?

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