Year 5 - 5IR Climbing

5IR have had an amazing day climbing. Some of us were really scared of heights but we faced our fears and challenged ourselves.


Kathy - That was truly scary

Mya 5IR - This trip was incredible absolutely had so much fun but climbing was very hard for me! I wish we could go there again because then I will see my mum again!!!

5IR Student - I was really nervous when I first came into the room. The wall that we had to climb on was so tall ! With a bit of confidence, I finally got to the top. I want to thank all the teachers that made this trip possible. I also want to recommend everyone in Sebright to have a go at rock climbing as it's an amazing life skill.

Bruno 5IR - It was amazing and we're lucky to have a school that does stuff like this for us.

sarah 5IR - Oh my gosh! This was so fun! At first I was so hyper but when I came in and saw it MY MOUTH WHEN DRY (show not tell) I found out it wasn't scary though I liked this trip

Stephanie 5IR - It was the best!!!!!!!!! I had so much fun ,I hope year 5 could do more things like this

Jeb 5s - This was so much fun!I made it half way up before i went down coz I wasn’t able to find a grip!

Julia 5S - It was very fun and very scary but it was lovely to spend with my peers in my class

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