Year 5 - Britannia Leisure Centre

Year 5 had an amazing time taking part in a variety of sports activities.


5IR STUDENT - Well done blue team

Bruno 5IR - Even if my team didn't win the good thing is I still had lots of fun. ps: Well done blue team

Maimunah5IR - What a blast we had
Despite fasting we had so much fun
My team(blue) surprisingly won the team spirit cup 😃😃
So worth loosing my voice
Sing with me:
2 4 6 8
Who do we appreciate
Not the king not the queen
But the amazing BLUE TEAM!!!!!!

CHANDNI - I can't belive BLUE TEAM (my team) won the SPIRIT TROPHY!!!!! My heart missed a beat when UBS said BLUE TEAM won the spirit trophy !!!😱😀😀😀

Julia 5S - Well done blue team you won the team work trophy 🏆 it was very fun 😊

Nell - I think that Red team should have won but great work blue team.

Stephanie - It was great

Tahiyah - I loved this trip . I can't believe Blue Team ( my team ) won the team spirit trophy

Mya 5IR - This trip has been the best trip of my life!!!!! I loved karate and well done to blue team!!!!!!!

Daniel 5IR - It was the best ever Thank you

William 5IR - It was so fun. Can't wait till next year

Tahiyah - I loved the trip to the Brittania leisure centre. My favourite sports were volleyball , wheel chair basketball , soccer , karate , tag rugby , tae kwondo and netball

Gradie 5IR - This trip was the best one ever. I had the best time of my life trying out different sports , especially wheelchair basketball, netball , rugby and street dance. And the best thing is , BLUE TEAM (my team) WON THE TEAM SPIRIT TROPHY FOR SEBRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to all the staff and UBS workers. Great job blue team !!!