Year 5 - Olivia


Jeb6p - Watching this at the very end of year 6. Nostalgia hits me hard. I still wish I was there even to this day XD!

Jeb5s - Man,this was a long journey through year 5 and I can’t believe we produced this.I just feel so proud.Gl in year 6!!!!

Maimunah5IR - I've already written a comment but I just can't hold this in. I'm so proud of everyone. I had the most fun performing and rehearsing. I TRULY DID LOVE THIS TO BITSπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

Maimunah5IR - This truly was our time to shine! I absolutely loved it especially because i got to try out different skills like a cockney accent but it was all worth it because it was AMAZING!!!!!!! Well done yr 5.Thanks to all the teachers who supported us;miss caules, miss rasheed, miss Islam, miss Diaz, miss Roberts, and miss say because we couldn't have done it without you guys.

Kasper who would be in 5S - Honestly just magical!

vanessa5S - I had lots of fun and everyone was fantastic .

Kaspario - Well done everyone wish I was there :)

Keisi 5S - I LOVED IT! Everyone worked sooooo hard

julia 5s - I watch this every day because I'm so proud of everyone you can see we put in some effort

Ezel 4TG - I wasn't in because I was unwell. I wish I was there, at least I can watch it I am really proud, well done.

Shawniya 6P - I loved it, fantastic!!!!!!

kawsar (old old yr 6) - Well done yr 5 i wish i was there. It's been 2 yrs since I have been at Sebright.

Julia 5S - I had so much fun to show others what we were working on for days I loved it and I was an orphan.

Zainab daubeney school - Your school has put all the effort into this like the background is painted and everyone has a good part. Well done Sebright

Ms Green - Amazing guys! Well done!!!

Mansi - I absolutely loved the play ,you all did so good. I wish I could be there

daniel 5IR - well done everyone you worked fantastic

Anna (Old Year 6) - Well done all of you guys. I wish I was here to see it. It looks AMAZING!!!

Beyza4l - So Good year5

Mariam 5S - So proud of everyone. I think we did a fantastic job. I was so happy I got the role of Eliza.

Daniel 5IR - It was so amazing and every one worked the hardest

Jahmai4TG - You guys did well so proud

Chandni 5ir - Everyone worked really hard and the last performance was the BEST!

Lubia - What a clever script and very well performed. Eliza stole the show however- her impersonation of a 'cockney' speaking character was nothing short of brilliant. Great lighting; great music; brilliant costumes. Well done everyone!

Oki 5IR - I am so proud of all of you.

Ayse 5IR - Everybody worked hard but remember and we had loads of support from our teachers.

Farhan 4l - It was good and you could tell they worked hard


Hilal 4l - That is fantastic and that was amazing Job

Jeb 5S - HOW COULD I MISS THIS!!!I watched the whole thing!Loved it!Great job guys????

mubarak - That was the best play ever but its wasn't better than beauty and the beast .

Justin -4L - Good job yr5

Murat - I am sooooo proud

Mya 5IR - This was so fun and I enjoyed it so much!!!!

Ronnie 5IR - It was so cool, I think nell was the best! :)

Jeb 5s - CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED THIS!! Great job everyone. Im watching at 12am

Ms Islam - So proud!!!!!

sarah 5IR - i really like liked our play its so cool!! I'm saying this to everyone that worked hard, like Nell she was AMAZING and everyone else as well :D ;)

Dilara 5S - We really worked hard on this fantastic show

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