Year 5 - The Story Spinner

Phil McDermott came to visit Sebright on Thursday (18th January 2018) and Year 5 were captivated by his ability to weave a tale! His tone of voice, facial expression, varied pace and gestures all contributed to brilliant stories. A great time had by all!


Dilara - Some of the stories were SO SCARY!

Julia - I loved it when I saw the man I had a big smile on my face I loved the story's that he was telling thank you sebright for bringing this man to our school

Mya 5IR - I had so much fun laughing with Zoynal. The second story that Phil read to us was so hilarious I cried!!!!!!

Ayse 5IR - I loved it!!!!

Chandni - Phil was brilliant! The second story was sooooo funny! It was fun laughing with Berra

Jeb 5s - I loved it. I had so much fun making theories!

Ivy 4TG - Year 4 had it to, sooooo fun and funny!!!!!!

Lauran - It was so good for year 4

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