Year 5 - Royal Courts of Justice

Year 5 recently visited the Royal Courts of Justice to participate in a mock trial. The mock trial was based on a real trial that took place a few years ago. Roles were assigned and we pretended to be the witnesses, judge, jury and amongst others! The charge was harassment (in relation to cyberbullying as well as based on an interaction that happened in person). This trial brought about lots of excellent discussion around responsibility, feelings alongside rule of law. Regarding the actual building,  we were in absolute awe of it and the intricate detailing inside. Fortunately we were able to eat while sitting inside, so we had plenty of time to cast our eyes about and check out the architecture! Clearly the person that won the competition to design the building was a good choice! Since we weren't allowed to take photos while inside the building, we've had to resign ourselves to committing it to memory. Enjoy the photos that we took outside though!


5IR Student - This was one of the best trips ever. The fact that we got to see an actual court AND do some role play was unbelievable.

5IR Student - Although there were loads of stairs, that was the one of the best trips we have had all year.I loved the fact that we got to see an actual court room and do some role play.

Jeb 5s - I was so happy to be the prosecution sollicitor and say if Riley was guilty or not

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