Year 5 - Isle of Olive

This term we're studying the Ancient Greeks and what better way to get a taste of a culture than to... taste! Off down to Broadway Market to try the restaurant the Isle of Olive. There were five different foods we got to sample: 3 savoury and 2 sweet. Everyone like at least one - if not all of them! An empty table was definitely a sign of a delicious (and brilliant time). To find out more, check out the next school newsletter!


Tahiyah - The cream pastry was my favourite Greek food

5IR Student - The food was SOOOOOOO yummy!I think we should encourage the chefs to make Greek food so the whole school can try it. Thanks Isle of Olive!

vanessa5S - The food was yummy.

Mya 5IR - I loved it! The food was delicious!!!!!

Sarah 5IR - I agree!!!

dilara - The best was the olives!

Jeb5s - The food was epic. I think the vine leaf roll should have been better. Thanks Isle of Olive.

chandia - Best day!

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