Nursery - Autumn 1 2019

Since joining in Nursery class in September, the young Sebright pupils have settled amazingly well. They met their new teachers and have proved to be thirsty learners. Every week, we focus on age appropriate topics and children enjoy discovering about exciting things.

Week 1 and 2: All about Me / Starting School

On the first week back at school, most of the children who were already at Sebright, were very excited to see their old teachers again and meet Ms Oliveira who is teaching in the afternoon. We got to know each other’s names and started to make friends. We all learnt about a new routine and what was expected in regards to their behaviour during carpet learning time.

Everyone settled so quickly and teachers were very impressed with all the nursery children.

Week 3: Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Children then had a brief change of teacher in the morning. Mr Lamy went on paternity leave for the following two weeks and Ms Begum had a great time covering for him.

In class, children explored the famous story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. They read different versions and loved the song. We made porridge and role-played the events in the book.

Week 4: My Family

Everyone had the opportunity to talk about their home life and family. They drew a picture in their personal books and role-played family situations in the home-corner.

Week 5: Pirate Week

What a fantastic week we have had. The little Buccaneers learnt lots of pirate vocabulary, sang and spoke like them, looked for jewels in mud, went on a treasure hunt and had a great party.

Week 6: When I grow, I want to be …

We discovered about all the things people do when they are adults. Children’s favourite job is definitely police officer and fire fighter. A few of them were able to tell about their parent’s job and we explored other careers such as teacher, chef, waiter, builder and more.

Week 7: Motown

As Sebright is celebrating Black History Month, Nursery class and Reception are going to concentrate on Motown but more particularly Stevie Wonder, The Temptations and The Supremes.
We will finish the week by having a big party with our friends in Reception.

Then it’s half-term and we will get ready for Halloween and Bonfire Night.

And more learning:

In Nursery, we are already getting ready towards reception and we have daily phonics and numeracy sessions. We also have informal PE lesson, Mr Arribas comes to teach us Spanish and Mr Lamy some French songs. We also go to the ICT suite every Friday.

Finally, we were very lucky to an Opera performance of one of our favourite stories: Peace at Last (Elephant Family Collection).

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Kathy Yr7 - Aww so cute, I remember my times there, it was so fun and tell the little ones to take care. ❤

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