Nursery Newsletter - Spring 1 2020

2020 has started and Sebright is looking forward to this new decade.

In Nursery, we really enjoyed our Christmas celebrations and we are now ready for more fun and learning.

This term, we are going to explore Space, Transport and our local community. We are planning to visit Hackney Central Library as well as the Laburnum Boat Club and the Museum of Childhood. We will let you know about the dates in due time as we will ask some parents to come with us.

Nursery will also continue to learn about numbers and shapes, positional language, phonics and writing our names and simple words.

We will continue to use the ICT suite and do as much exercise as possible as well as celebrating important events.

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Kathy Yr7 - Adventure awaits us all, especially in this brand new year! 🎉

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