Year 3 - Choctastic

Year 3 having a 'choctastic' time, learning about the origins of chocolate


Ella3C - It was so fun,and it was yummy Zara from Daubeney.

Sinem - I had so fun.

mohamed 3S - Yummy I came 1st

Naomi-6k - You are the best. Well done guys

Melis - That looks delicious.

Melis - They look very happy that they got chocolate

Murat - It was sooooo yummy !!

Murat - It was so much fun

Rosie 2c - I really want that chocolate

Berkay - This is so nice. I was 3rd place.

Dilara - That looks soooo delicious year 3's

MIRACLE (daubeney) - That looks nice. Good work year 3's

Tunjida - I really want that chocolate! Looks so great Year 3!

zara(daubeney) - That looks yummy. Well done year 3's.

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