Year 3 - Prehistory Workshop

Year 3 had a fabulous time learning all about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age in our Prehistory Workshop. We saw some fun shadow puppet shows, which taught us about the three ages. Finally, we were able to touch some real life artefacts, as well as some replicas.


CAMILA 3k - I loved that trip

yuri3s - I love this trip

Beatrix 3S - I loved this trip!
The thing I loved most was the puppet show in the work shop. In addition I can't believe we actually got to touch such old things. We learnt that to make an arrow they rubbed flint together to sharpen it!

yuri3S - Yuri says he really liked the workshop. He learned about the Early Age and the Middle Age. What he liked the most was that he was able to touch real things that Stone Age people made. He said that the pieces of tools were found in the River Thames. This was very cool!!!
Thank you for such an awesome learning opportunity!

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