Year 3 turn into cave men for the day!

They were put into teams and faced a number of different challenges that our ancestors faced.

They had to make stone – age homes.

They had to make tools, weapons and fire.

They had to catch and eat animals.

They had to gather their food. 

Year 3 learnt so much about life in the stone – age that they were able to put on an assembly for year 1 and 2 to teach them what they had learnt.

As well as learning about the stone-age they learnt to work collaboratively with each other and solve problems. They used their bodies to make different shapes and there imagination to create different free frames and dramatic sequences. 

I enjoyed being a hunter and using weapons and being gruesome.

- Jio 3L

I enjoyed being a stone age inventor

- Jeb 3L

I enjoyed being a stone age inventor

- Jeb 3L

I enjoyed sharing what we had learnt with year 1 and 2.

- Tahiyah 3L 

I liked the stone age workshop because I enjoyed being a paitent and lerning about stone age doctors

- Maimunah 3S

I liked the stone age workshop because it was creative and t was fun and I liked the learning 

- Nell 3S


Gradie 5IR - It was fun doing this in year 3.

sameeena - Thank you Miss Lewis.

Chandni - I enjoyed sharing our knowledge about the stone age with year 1 and year 2.

ayse - I loved the part where we did the fashion.

ayse - Thank you Miss Stabana :-)

Aminah - Thank you Miss Stabana

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