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Year 3 - Work Week Fun at Kidzania


Chisom 3k - Kidzania was the funest trip there was also just dance with Nintendo switches. Ps please can we go there again

Ibrahim 3k - The trip was the best

yuri3S - I liked this trip because it was fun.

Melis 4tg - I wish every single trip could be kidzania.I love ? this trip.????

Musa - It was so much fun

Kanu 5L - Did u See My Cousin and it was so fun and did u have a great time:)

hilal 5l - I know it was fun because we went when we was in year 3

farhan 5p - Looks like so much fun

Gradie 6S - I can't beleive you guys got to go to Kidzainia. ?. Next time, invite me.??

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