Year 4 at the October Gallery

On Monday 2nd December, Year 4 visited the October Gallery and explored the work of Santos Motoapohua de la Torre, Jordan Ann Craig, Gonzalo Hernandez Carrillo and Antonio López Pinedo. Children and curators opened an interesting conversation around patterns, forms and other cultures. The artwork we looked at is historically originating from the southern part of the mountain chain, Cordillera, along the western side of the Americas, from northern New Mexico down to Guadalajara, Mexico.

Children took inspiration from the sacred deer and the ragged, igneous and metamorphic rocks of the Cordillera and produced their own shapes, forms, images and landscapes to make their own collages and art prints!


Chisom 4s - It was so fun! Loved the photo.

Rosie-4s - I loved the bus photo with miss sabana

Kathy Yr7 - What great work of arts.

camila4s - Nice, calm & relaxing. Really good

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