Rocket Science Space Seeds

Year 4 have been helping British astronaut Tim Peake with an exciting science investigation. Tim Peake took some Rocket seeds into space with him for 6 months and then his colleague brought them back down to earth.

Year 4’s mission is to observe if these seeds will grow differently to normal rocket seeds that have not left planet earth. To increase the reliability of the experiment, we don’t yet know which packet of seeds has ventured up to space and which pack has stayed on earth. 4P have planted a blue packet of seeds and 4S have planted a red packet of seeds. To make sure the test is fair, the Year 4 scientists have planted and labeled 100 rocket seeds from both packets and split these seeds into 4 groups. We will keep you posted with our investigation as the rocket grows in our school greenhouse! Which packet of seeds went to space and how will we find out?